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ReMynder is an efficient and easy-to-use phone application that will never let you forget important people in your professional network again.
And the best thing: It will do this automatically!


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Top List / Reminder list

The automated algorithm of the app scans past calls, text and email messages as well as other communication channels to create a list of your most important contacts. For these contacts you will get timely reminders. You can also add any contact you deem important to improve your very special list.

last communication

Icons next to each contact indicate both “when” and the communication channel, as well as the direciton of the communication. Hence whether the you actively emailed a contact or whether you received an email but have yet to respond. Contact anyone directly through ReMynder!

detailed contact info

Pull up contact information or reach anyone with the quick access buttons. We support various channels and more are to come. Missing anything? Let us know! The app will soon include analytical data like the hours spent on phone with a contact, the amount of exchanged emails and more.


Your data is yours! Everything is securely stored on your mobile phone and account data is not given to anyone. The App just needs the access to you accounts, to provide you with all the information you need. ReMynder never stores content of messages, just who was your contact with and when.



Head of Technology & Director of ReMynder


Backend Developer and Database Architect


Former Lead Developer and UX Master
Now: Technical Consultant


Former Head of Finance
Now: Financial Consultant


ReMynder and Wilhelm are located in the dynamic and innovative city of
Köln, Germany.

This is the birthplace of the basic idea and the most fitting environment for our young structure to grow and satisfy as many customers as possible!

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